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Updated 4/7

F&B Update
Dear Members,

It's the most wonderfull time of the year! Opening day for the club is tomorrow and we are excited to welcome you back and look forward to a great season. In this email I will outline our current covid -19 protocols/policies and let you know about our offerings as we open up.

Covid-19 - So I am sure some of you remember the policies and procedures we had in place last season. Ironically, how we ended the season is exactly how we are going to start the season. Many of the same protocols are in place and we will have an emphasis on a couple in particular. 

* Masks/face coverings are required when you are on our patio, snack shack, deck and grill room. The only time you can take your mask off is when you are physically eating or drinking. Please have your face covering on in the presence of our staff and when they are taking orders or delivering food and drink.

*90-minute seating limits. This is a big one and a point of emphasis from the town of North Reading's health inspector who I met with today. Our seating is limited in the grill room and I want all members to have the opportunity to enjoy it. Staff will monitor based upon when your chit is started and if needed will inform the manager on duty (either myself or Mario) if there is an issue. Are we going to argure over a few minutes? No. But please help us with this state mandated policy that I am sure you have experienced if you have dined out at a restaurant recently.
*Ordering. ALL ORDERS must initially include food. You can not just have a drink after golf if your are going to be sitting at a table. Grab and go's are fine but dining must include food. This includes the patio behind the snack shack. But we can help with that. Food needs to be a product that is made in house. Even just sharing a side of french fries or having a hot dog will suffice. Any questions about this policy please reach out to me.

*No standing. All members must be seated at a table if you are on our deck, patio or in the grill room. Our tables were configured to allow for the neccessary 6ft of social distancing. Please do not move tables. Please do not sit on the wall behind the snack shack. Please do not have more than 6 people at a table.

Okay, now that we have gotten all of the protocols and polices out of the way let's talk about the fun stuff. What's new? Because of the popularity of outdoor dining last season we invested in some new amenities for you to enjoy. I have installed a new outdoor TV on our deck, new patio furniture and umbrellas on the patio behind the snack shack and I even managed to introduce draft beer in snack shack!!!! (Whirpool pale ale for starters by the way) The snack shack will be open 7 days a week(weather depending) starting tomorrow. The Board of Directors, with my input, felt it was appropriate to hold off the opening of the Grill Room. However, since the weather is breaking so nicely for the weekend we have decided to have a soft opening. Since we can utilize our outdoor seating, this will help us "spread out". I can't just open up the bar because of covid protocols, so I will have some very simple sides and shareables available in the Grill Room starting at 4;00pm on Friday through Sunday. A decision on the official full opening of the Grill Room will be made at our next board meeting on Thursday 4/15.

I know this was a lot of information but hopefully it answers some of the questions you may have about our F&B operation. I am happy to say that Mario Ruiz and his family will be back to take care of you and all of your dining needs this year. Did you know that last year Mario, his wife Leiris and his son Lil Mario handled all of our cooking? They are often behind the scenes in our Grill Room but they are such a big part of making it all work. I'm excited to get the season underway, and look forward to meeting our new members and catching up with everyone else. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you ever have any questions about our F&B operation here at Thomson.

Thank you,

Trevor B. Fuller
Clubhouse Manager
Thomson Club

Phone: (978)664-3092